Hair, a symbol of strength and beauty

Hair is known to be one of the first things we notice about a person's appearance. From the earliest times, it has always represented beauty and strength. Think of Samson, who lost his vigor when he was stripped of his hair. Indeed, hair makes much of our physical appearance, but it also has a practical role, serving to protect us from the sun's rays and aggressive external agents, and to thermoregulate temperature. Also important in sensory perception, it is in fact connected to a dense nerve network surrounding the follicles.

Why does one lose hair?

Hair possesses this amazing power to continuously self-regenerate. They grow at an average rate of 1-1.5 cm per month, and compared to other animals, which make the so-called "periodic shedding," in humans the loss is cyclical, not synchronized, but follows phases called anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the growth phase, catagen the regression phase and telogen the resting phase, preceding the hair loss.

Every day we can lose 50 to 100 hairs, but at certain times this loss may be accentuated, such as during seasonal changes or after severe stress. This is entirely physiological and reversible. In fact, under normal conditions, the cycle of hair loss, which lasts an average of three years, ends with the replacement of the dead hair with a new one, which will form in the same hair follicle. This causes, hair that falls out, to be replaced by new growing hair.

When it is not reversible, it means that this turn over mechanism has become altered for some reason. Too much hair falls out or too little grows back, the scalp is stressed, and problems can begin including the baldness and theandrogenetic alopecia male or female. It occurs of the thinning and although the condition is predominantly hereditary, the factors are hormonal. Triggered by various causes, however, they depend purely on improper conversion of DHT, or dehydrotestosterone, within the hair follicle, a conversion mediated by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

The importance of care from within

Certainly a good ally is always the diet, which should be rich in grains, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which will go to rebuild the hair from the inside. One example is millet, an excellent source of nutrients for the hair. Another ally is the gut, which, in balance, will also regulate the well-being of your scalp, absorbing nutrients properly and directing them to the hair.

Functional cosmetics for hair

A great help also comes from functional cosmetics that gives the possibility to treat the hair also externally for a 360-degree treatment of the scalp. This is what Organics Pharm wanted to achieve for its consumers, to be able to give a natural and effective answer to the annoying problem of hair loss starting from 1 of the most important steps of the hair routine: cleansing.

The Organics Pharms Hair Redensifying Kit, a triad of specific products that in just 28 days will help you fight and prevent physiological hair loss and restore life to a stressed and weakened scalp. In the kit you will be able to find:

A REVITALIZING SHAMPOO specific, acting as a wellness treatment to stimulate hair growth and counteract hair loss. This is thanks to the natural active ingredients included in its formulation present in very high percentages and without the presence of chemical agents and irritating additives, which would stress the skin and hair. The functional active ingredients are theNeem Oil, extracted from the seeds of the Melia Azadirachta or Neem Tree, native to India and rich in antioxidant, antiradical and anti-inflammatory properties, to restore and promote hair and scalp health.

Peppermint essential oil, to restore blood circulation within the hair bulb but not only that. Clinical studies show its benefit in the Anagen phase of the hair cycle, that is, when hair tends to form and grow, promoting an increase in the number of follicles. Baicapil™ , a registered active ingredient composed of a synergy of three plants including Scutellaria indica extract, which helps fight hair loss with visible effects. The bulbs are stronger and thicker and the amount of hair increases by 22% /cm2, while hair loss is reduced by 60% after only 3 months.

THE ANTI-FALL VIALS one anti-fall lotion Specifically for the areas most affected by thinning hair. Thanks to its concentrated natural active ingredients, it stimulates regrowth and slows hair loss. With Neem Oil, Oil e. Peppermint; vasodilator and oxygenating oils and Baicapil™. The latter, thanks to baicalin, an active contained in Scutellaria indica, is able to increase hair thickness, density and growth, with a volumizing effect and improve the condition of hair follicles and their anchorage in the scalp, thus reducing hair loss. This is because it counteracts the mechanisms of hormonal action within the scalp that lead to the appearance of themale and female androgenetic alopecia.

AN INNOVATIVE TRANSDERMAL ANTI-FALL PATCH To be applied on the neck, below the hairline. A cosmetic patch that from morning to evening will allow specific active ingredients to be absorbed to act on the scalp. Let's talk about. Nettle, rich in silica and very remineralizing as much as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Extract of Rosemary officinalis, antibacterial and antifungal with revitalizing power on the scalp. L'Peony suffrutticosa flower extract, with the Paeonol i.e., the main active component, from the varied medicinal benefits certified by its traditional use in Eastern medicine and scientific research that has ensured its anti-inflammatory and regenerative power.